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Tidewater Computer offers, on-site and remote care services. We can assist you by phone, login in remotely, picking your pc up and dropping it back off, or repair on site.

My Computer won't start!

What are the first steps I should take?
First, do not fret. It may be an easy fix. Make sure your plug or AC Adapter is plugged in and secure in the back of your computer. Maybe it is loose.

Failing Hardware?

Whatever the reason for your hardware failing, we do not judge. We just fix. No questions asked. Ignoring the problem may make it worse, have us look at it as soon as possible.

Secondly, make sure the other end of your power cable or charger is securely in a wall socket or power strip. Try another outlet in case one outlet is bad.
Press the power button again. Maybe you will get lucky this time.
If no luck, call us at (757) 560-8244 for a free diagnostic and a computer repair. Most repairs are fixed within an hour.


Our technology experts will remove your computer viruses quickly and protect you from future viruses. We will remove your computer virus during the same day right away.

My computer's running slow!

Navigate to Internet Options and clear the temp files. If it still runs slow, please give us a call at (757) 560-8244, we're really good at speeding up computers!

Severe Virus issues?

On more severe cases, our Tidewater virus removal service may take up to the next day to remove your virus or infection. Just let us know when you're ready to have it removed and we'll be happy to remove it.


About Us

Our team is led by Michael, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, an A+ service technician, amongst 5 other industry certs.
Michael comes to us from a career with Microsoft in Charlotte.
We encourage all our techs to become at least A+ certified so you'll rest assured you have hired an expert.


A few of the services we attend to daily include:

Setting up corporate peer to peer networks

Remote support

Laptop power issues

Fan repair

Laptop keyboard repair

Setting up home networks

PC installation and support

Windows issues

Memory upgrades

Consulting our commercial customers as to which technology will fit their company best

Cracked LCD screens

Virus Removal

Computer tune-ups


(757) 560-8244

Business Hours

Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm.

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